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About Rubicon Company

Rubicon Company is a roleplay group created by Buttercream, (aka me!) based on the video game Limbus Company made by Project Moon. Rubicon Company takes place in an alternate universe to Limbus Company where the company itself is replaced by the titular Rubicon Company, the Sinners are replaced with Saints, and well as a new guide and manager. The story of Rubicon Company follows the lives of the Saints and their manager as they follow the locked railroad tracks guiding them to plant The Seeds of the Future.

How can I follow the events of Rubicon Company if I'm not a part of the group?

This website will continuously update as the roleplay goes on, with dedicated sections where you can read a revised version of the events that transpired in the chapter, with images and references to go along with the scenes as they happen and as new characters are introduced. The rate at which these are released will heavily depend on not only what my schedule allows me, but the schedules of all my players, so there is no promise of consistency, just eventuality.