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NO. 1

🔨 - Ozma

"If we walk far enough, we will sometime come to someplace!"

Particulars: Optimistic, Headstrong, Hard-Willed

This saint has experience in warfare and combat, which will be useful in any situations that may pop up in the future. It is also worthwhile to mention that her can-do attitude and energetic nature will make her a profitable asset for your use, even if her method of speaking can be quite odd for some. Her past has left her scarred, both physically and mentally, so it is ill-advised to try and pick at those scabs. Doing so might cause an outburst and a loss of trust. With how stubborn she is with her beliefs, that trust will be extremely difficult to grow back.


NO. 2

🧪 - Prometheus

"The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine."

Particulars: Deathly Curious, Defensive

Whatever this saint doesn’t know, she will do anything to find out. It is incredibly apparent that this saint is proud of her knowledge, however, any threat to her perceived superiority over others will quickly cause her to crumble into an insecure and resentful mess. Despite this, she is unlikely to show this face towards you, since you are in a position of power above her. Use this authority well to keep her in check, as leaving this one to her own devices is a horrible idea in more ways than one.


NO. 3

🦭 - Cianalas

"Now there shall be revenge! Some will die at sea and others fall from the mountain tops, until there be as many dead as can link hands all round the shores of the isle of Kalsoy!"

Particulars: Over-Protective, Prone to Animalistic Behavior

While the specific details of origin of this saint are unknown, it is certain that she is quite adept at combat and survival, making all too much sense from someone hailing from the [REDACTED]. She holds a rather docile temperament, making her a rather easy sinner to order around. However, it is inadvisable to let your guard down around her, nor to draw her ire, as she is prone to bouts of violent hysteria, tearing into whoever garnered her hate with tooth and claw. If she ever shows this behavior in front of you, it is advised to simply to simply wait and observe her behavior as she savages the poor victim. If she turns her head towards you, please do not hesitate to use force to subdue her.


NO. 4

🌲- Chêne

"Ils ne bougent pas."

"They do not move."

Particulars: Out-of-touch, Comical

If some of the other saint's more troubling behaviors start making your role seem even more daunting, we hope you are happy to hear that this saint will be much, much easier to handle than the rest. Her rationality and lax attitude may be useful under high-stress situations. Of course, this very same rationale of hers may cause her to try and apply logic to things that are utterly devoid of such a thing. An easy fix to that is to simply drag her head out of her thoughts and remind her to focus on the task at hand.

NOTICE: Even though she is so reliable, it is still advised that routine checks on her should be made. She is still recovering from the [REDACTED] event that took place in District 23. Because of how much time she spent there, there are gaps in her memory that don’t align correctly with current events.


NO. 5

🍷 - سكران

"همه مکن است تخیل و توهم باشند، اما نه عشق."

"All may be imagination and delusion, but not love."

Particulars: Dispassionate towards anyone or anything that is not related to [REDACTED]

Once upon a time, this saint had dreamt of a quiet life with the one he loved, but now those dreams have become nightmares of loneliness and solitude. He is motivated by one thing and one thing alone, [REDACTED]. It is recommended to abuse this fact, as otherwise, he will be completely uncooperative and grating in a fashion akin to pulling out your fingernails. Other than the above-mentioned issues, he should be easy to manage, since he is not the type to take action unless pushed to the extreme. Still though, if he continues to bring you trouble even after you’ve used your ace against him, please contact the human resources department to sort out the issue immediately.


NO. 6

🚬 - Fontaine

"Most scary stories are, of course, meant to be told. They are more scary that way. But how you tell them is important."

Particulars: Quick-Witted, Haunted

The ghost of warfare doesn’t stop haunting even after it’s more than dead, which is something clear within this saint’s past. It’s clear from a glance that his body has been modified because of war. Throughout his life, he’s been viewed as an inhuman monster and this mentality shoved upon him is apparent through his actions. Basic respect and kindness is more than enough to satisfy his desire for acception, and we hope you know how to use that for our benefit. However, if you truly do not wish to spend as little time as possible around him, (Which is reasonable, considering the smoke that is exhumed from his body at a near constant rate.) our best advice for dealing with this employee would simply to point him towards an obstacle and praise him accordingly after it’s dealt with before you leave him to his own matters.



💐- Reverberation

Particulars: [BLANK]

[There are no contents for this file.]



🥀 - Blossom

Particulars: Motherly, Sorrowful, Sympathetic

You are more than likely very familiar with your guide, but just in case your condition (or any future exploits) leaves you without your memory, use this file to re-familiarize yourself. Clematis, otherwise known as the color of The Rouge Blossom, is the guide appointed to help you along with your journey. Her role is not to directly interfere with the matters of you of the saints under your control but rather to guide you all back on track if you are to stray from our goal. If you have lost your memory, it is recommended that you avoid conversations with her by all means possible. If you haven't, then it is important for you to remember that we do not take any responsibility for either of your actions while under our employment.



🐑 - Shepherd

Particulars: Childlike, Shattered

Neither a saint nor a guide, Gabriel will be your shephard towards the places where the Golden Seeds must be planted. Despite his looks and personality, he's in his early 20s, so there should be no fear in your mind when he is at the wheel. Not much is known about him, other than the fact that whatever event that transpired at the [REDACTED] Wing he was recovered from has left him with some form of split personality disorder. Again, it is nothing to be worried about, but important to keep in mind when talking to him.

WARNING: It would be very ill-advised to put him in any harms way, considering that his legal guardian has a very important stakehold in our company. If anything were to happen to him, well, you can already assume the consequences.